Mason Hershenow is a photographer and mixed media artist who lives and works in northern California. Born in Roseville, California, he spent his teenage years in eastern Pennsylvania before returning to California in 2008. He earned his BFA from CSU Sacramento in 2014 and is currently pursuing his MFA at San José State University, where he also teaches a introductory photography course.

Interested in the systems we build and use to interact with ourselves, each other, and the world around us, Hershenow's work focuses largely on archaic and contemporary practices in print media, publishing, and the physical archive. His art practice has been inspired greatly by traditions in these fields, and employs techniques learned and borrowed from traditional and digital printmaking, darkroom processes, twentieth-century graphic design, and found-photography arts. As of late-2017, Hershenow has also begun explorations in intallation art. His first site-specific piece godless children | holy objects debuted in San José in August 2018.